Alimony is the only basic operating system which drives this humankind in a proper flange especially without any flaws. Probably it happens in the label of family living. Every human being has been and had been blessed by this uniqueness. However some human beings are out casted from this life giving thumping element. Still they are leading a painful life and eating almost all the evils without eggs.

As we all aware; there are two genres which are ruling this universe from the beginning. One is the primary thing the Fascinating Male and secondary is the futuristic Female. One is the creator and the other is preservator. May it was the Paleolithic or the Neolithic, the most listed perennial things from the dawn break of this universe these two are ruling powerfully across the global histories to our best knowledge and keen sense. On the other hand we all have forgotten one more genre … that is the one and only third-gender. Widely known as the symbol of flesh trade from the early period. Since the early period these pitiful lives are sacrificing their entire lifetime for others sexual and physical pleasures indeed.

If we peep the beneath of this physical hazard we will be taken aback. These peoples did not entertain themselves to this happily! They have been forced to eat this muck; maliciously. One can easily understand their agony very clearly!

Betrayed from family life structures.

Betrayed by their own deliverers.

Betrayed by their own society.

Betrayed by their own sand and soil.

Leading a life in the most oscillation – life or death.

Treated unkindly from all the peoples and animals too. But still they are sighing deeply to grab any kind of silver line. Searching any kind of good opportunities unidirectionally.

Now the SMILE has come forward to wipe all their tears. To turn all the brackish water in to a sweet water to quench their killing thirst.

Providing bread and butter is not the precious chore, but cultivating bread and butter is the precious thing to go with.

Without any huge expectations SMILE is now all set to back their needs of the time.

The premier vow is to

GIVE BETTER LIVELIHOOD parameter in line with the other beings.

Give good educational facilities to their offspring.

Give better facelift to their ruined life.

Give an alternative family system beautifully lined with ADAPT A CHILD scale.

Give a friendly atmosphere wherever they go.

On the whole; creating good governance in the society by using proper weedicides, germicides, and the insecticide against the necessary.


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