Ramesh Babu

Ramesh Babu

Bro. Ramesh Babu was born in Erode on 4th, February 1978. He was the first son of his parents Mr. Sami Durai and Mrs. Yesu Merry and he was Christian by birth. He completed his school education and college education at Erode, and he holds two Post graduates degrees M.Sc., [Electronics] and M.A., [Psychology].

Though he was born in a Christian family, he never realized the love of Jesus Christ. And he strayed away seeking the Blessings of the world (worldly pleasures) and indulged himself in the sins of the world.

In the year 1995, in his 17th year Bro. Ramesh Babu happened to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ at an unexpected situation. In that message he heard that Those who live in sins will go to hell after their death”. This alarming message had an impact deep inside his heart. This message gave him a sort of fear and terror. Together with this his fear of failing in his higher secondary board exams tormented him very much. He wanted to be delivered from all these fears and this brought him to Jesus Christ.

From then on he experienced the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, and by the miracles he experienced in his life, he was drawn by an unquenchable thirst towards the love of Jesus Christ. Even then he was not able to come out of his sinful life completely.

In the first year of his Bachelors degree, Bro. Ramesh Babu had a deep passion for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. During that period he spent time with God and cried to Him to fill him with His Holy Spirit that he might live a holy life. God heard his cry and filled him unlimitedly with His Holy Spirit. From that moment onwards he was delivered from all the sins of his life and he surrendered himself totally for the Kingdom of God.

After he was filled with the Holy Spirit, God used him mightily in His ministry to set people free from bondages of the devil and to heal the people from the deadly diseases. God used him to deliver the people with suicidal intentions, and the people who were depressed of love failures; he used him to help people who were jobless. God used him as a mighty vessel to comfort these people and to wipe away their tears and enable them to enter into the peace and blessings of God. Likewise God gave him the authority to lead many people in their spiritual life and also into the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

In the year 2006 when Bro. Ramesh Babu started this full time ministry, in obedience of the commandment of the Lord, Satan created bitterness and fears in the minds of his parents and relatives.

And every one who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, an inherit eternal life Matthew 19: 29.


As per this God’s verse and by the leading of God he came out of his family and started doing his God given ministry. However he honors his parents in Christ. Right from the first day of this ministry, God has taken care of his needs in a miraculous and wonderful way. Bro. Ramesh Babu is a living witness to tell the world that God will surely bless those who honor and obey the word of God.

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